7 Fears about buying your first home……

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1. I can’t afford to buy a home now

There is always a home that you can afford. If you are paying rent you can afford to purchase. The earlier you buy, the quicker you will benefit from equity build up.

2. I should wait until the real estate market gets better

Focusing on the market is never the smart approach. The long term benefits of equity build up, value appreciation and tax benefits will always make this the right decision

3. I don’t have money for the down payment

There are so many down payment options available for you, working with the correct real estate agent, we can research which one works best for you.

4. I can’t buy a home because my credit isn’t that good.

We can get you in contact with a good mortgage specialist to help put you on a plan to purchase.


5. I can’t afford to buy my dream home.

According to the National Association of Realtors over 67% of first time home buyers had to compromise on their first home. The goal of your first home is to build equity.

6. I should wait to buy a home until I get married.

Purchasing gives you and your future spouse more options. You can rent or sell and purchase together when you get married.

7. Buying a home seems way to complicated.

Don't worry we will make it EASY for you!




The US Federal Board of Reserves showed that the average home owner had a net worth of $195,000 while the average renter had $5400. What is equity? Equity is the portion of your home that you will own once you sell it. Did you know you can sell your home at anytime? 


How much house can I afford if I pay $900 a month in rent?

We usually tell buyers that it's around $550 per month for every $100,000. So typically, $200,000 would be around $1100 (plus any taxes and insurance).




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